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Relivo Elevators has a team of qualified technicians to undertake Maintenance Jobs across India. In order to keep your equipment running non-stop, and to ensure the highest level of service quality, we have developed efficient processes and our service personnel are equipped with modern technology.

An elevator is an essential part of the building and it is important that they operate in a predictable, safe and reliable manner in order to keep things moving. Let the technicians at our office help you maintain your lift in order to achieve maximum output and the best performance from the equipment. Our team of technicians follow a systematic process in order to maintain the lifts while ensuring that the costs are kept as low as possible without a compromise on safety and reliability. Relivo Elevators offers various lift maintenance packages and can help you choose the right package based on your needs.

  • Periodical maintenance
  • Breakdown maintenance

Periodical maintenance: Under this maintenance, our well trained & qualified technician will visit your site once in a month and carry out following activities:

  • Thoroughly inspection of elevator/lift.
  • Checking of oil level in gear machine.
  • Necessary cleaning of elevator/ lift.
  • Necessary lubrication of guide rail and rotating parts.
  • Testing of all safety devices.
  • Carry out minor necessary adjustment.

Breakdown Maintenance: Breakdown maintenance means when elevator/lift is not working, in this case our service engineer will be attended the elevator/lift when your call is registered.