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Lift Modernisation

How Elevator Upgrades Make a Difference ?

Elevator upgrades can ensure proper mechanical operation that is essential for safe operations and for you to fully realize the benefits associated with any modernization program.

When is it time to modernise or refurbish your Lift?

  • When your installed elevator is not reliable.
  • When old parts are no longer available.
  • When old lift maintenance lift report requires attention.
  • When building need to be refurbished.

We can carefully assess the condition of your elevators mechanical components by conducting a thorough field survey. Based on the results of this survey, we will recommend to retain, recondition, or replace equipment ascurrent situation.

The following factors are considered when determining our recommendations

  • Safety / Code Compliance
  • Age / Condition
  • OEM / Aftermarket Support
  • Availability of Spare Parts
  • Logistical Issues

Elevator upgrade options:

  • Space:To optimise space either by increasing car space or by eliminating the machine room, we can customise to suit your requirements.
  • Enter:To enhance entrance to the lift, making it more comfortable,
  • Safety:To update lift to current safety levels in compliance with current regulations
  • Emergency:To maintain communication between person trapped in the lift car and rescue team.


Advancement in control technology for elevators began with the introduction of microprocessors and highly developed motor controls. These applications of technology allow Relivo Elevators Pvt. Ltd. to use intelligent controllers to improve dispatching and traffic handling. A new controller improves safety, reliability, and energy efficiency. Also, onboard diagnostics quickly reveal the source of a shut down, minimizing downtime.

Reasons to Modernize Your Controls

  • You are experiencing higher repair costs related to controls
  • Inefficient and poor reliability and operation
  • Public safety considerations
  • Long customer/tenant wait times
  • Increased shutdowns
  • Landing and leveling problems
  • Poor ride quality
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Serviceability/Proprietary Controls
  • Obsolescence